High Times Café: Come Down.

I got my first adjustment in I know two years. It felt amazing. My body had never popped as much as it did today.
In other news; I was thinking about someone who I love dearly who recently told me not to get comfortable where I am now. I told them I wasn’t. And I’m not. But today as I revisited their words, I’m grateful. It takes knowing and caring for as person to know when  they need to keep pushing forward. 



Dear Melesse,

Papi I love you.

God knows that I love you. You know that I love you. I’m not going to write out our whole love story because that’s unnecessary. Melesse, I know that your heart was content seeing me cry thinking about you, thinking about us. Content knowing that all of my love was for you. But I’m okay now babe. I’ll never forget you & no one could ever fill the space in my heart that you filled. I’m sure that’s because I will probably never date another crazy Jamaican man again. Lol I know you’re selfish and you’ll probably roll over in your grave after reading this.

But I’m whole again.

So don’t come to haunt me or the man I give all the rest of my love to.

See you on the other side babe, & don’t think for one second that I’m going to eat porridge. 😡

Happy Birthday. 💙