Dear Uber Drivers,

Thank you so much for being wonderful drivers. Being considerate and shit. So sweet. asking if I’m ok with the music and air. One thing I want to let you all know, you don’t have to turn down the music and/or drive slowly so that we may hold a conversation. I didn’t get in your car to gain a new friend. I truly just want to get from point a to point but. and while I’m sure that there are people who want to talk the whole trip…. I am not one of them.

So, if ever your rider gets in the car, speaks and then minds their business, leave them alone. They are just chilling. Leave. Me. Alone. Please. 😚💜


High Times Café: Come Down.

I got my first adjustment in I know two years. It felt amazing. My body had never popped as much as it did today.
In other news; I was thinking about someone who I love dearly who recently told me not to get comfortable where I am now. I told them I wasn’t. And I’m not. But today as I revisited their words, I’m grateful. It takes knowing and caring for as person to know when  they need to keep pushing forward. 


High Times Café: Lemme Be… You.

I would truly love to be able for one day, view myself as the people around me view me. I’m absolutely my worst and most harsh and hateful critic. I’d like to see how that manifests in my daily doings. Especially, to be another person. To feel their feelings. I’d like to be three different people throughout the day. I think that would be such a great experience.