Step by step

“Day by day…” shout out to my 90’s kids who know what’s up…

Anyway, for months I’ve been trying to back my phone up to my Google drive & free up some space on my device. Every time I tried, I would get a message essentially telling me “nah son. Not gonna happen.” 

So today I decided I would try again. However, instead of trying to move 6 gb of files all at once, I move the files in smaller groups…. of course it worked.

As I was finishing up, I thought to myself

“How many things in my life do I fail at simply because I want it all done at once?”

What if all it really takes is some patience and the willingness to do things step by step and in order? 

I’d probably get a hell of a lot more things done. 


High Times Café: Rolos

Exasperated, she stands up off the ground again. “Ughhh. I keep forgetting things that I need.” Shaking her hair, the young woman was interrupted by her guest who was slyly watching her every movement. “Yeah, go on over there and get you a handful of Rolos. You won’t be ready without them Rolos.”

She stops walking and turns to face him, dumbfounded. This time, however, she didn’t have to ask out loud how he knew what she was referring to without having discussed it previously.

He looks up at her, in her bewildered state, smiles “I told you I was in your head.”