Dear Uber Drivers,

Thank you so much for being wonderful drivers. Being considerate and shit. So sweet. asking if I’m ok with the music and air. One thing I want to let you all know, you don’t have to turn down the music and/or drive slowly so that we may hold a conversation. I didn’t get in your car to gain a new friend. I truly just want to get from point a to point but. and while I’m sure that there are people who want to talk the whole trip…. I am not one of them.

So, if ever your rider gets in the car, speaks and then minds their business, leave them alone. They are just chilling. Leave. Me. Alone. Please. 😚💜


High Times Café: Uneven Eyes

I was so certain that my eyes were uneven. My whole life. Until about 20 minutes ago when I was having another photoshoot in my room and I realized that if I covered up my eyebrows, my eyes were exactly the same. Which means all I have to do to not feel crazy when I look at myself in the mirror is to learn how to do my eyebrows. But…

Fuck that. I need my beauty sleep.

Natural Glow. Lit.

Smile. Lit.

I think they should counteract the Uneven EyeBROWS.

High Times Cafe: 💎

I write because I love it. My writing utensil & my paper don’t give any fucks about anything. They’re feelings aren’t hurt if I do not put on my baby voice to get a point across. They love me. And I love them. So I tell them everything. And I swear, when I die someone is going to come across a few of my journals. Fall in love with my fuckery. See my log in info for everything. That motherfucker I’d going to be rich. My life is like EIGHT Harry Potter Novels. So, you’re welcone.

“I thought you were stuck up.”

Often times after black people get to know me and get comfortable with me they say to me

“I thought you were stuck up because you look like you think you’re all that.”

& I always respond,

“I am all that. You didn’t like me because YOU don’t think YOU’RE ‘all that’.”

Fuck outta here. Don’t let these crabs try to dim your shine and pull you down. If you don’t love yourself, how will anyone else? You’ll take any treatment if you don’t know you’re popping.

The people who think you’re stuck up are insecure & jealous.

Shine on, boo.

Be excellent.

Rhenna Carter.

I don’t label myself as anything but Me.
I love the Lord. But the Lord knows I love hood music.
I smoke weed while doing my homework.
I drink Hennessy & D’usse like “juicay.”
I date men, but I can appreciate a beautiful woman.
I like to lay in meadows & read Dostoyevsky.
But I also love for my man to blow my back out in those same meadows.
I will pussy pop on a handstand while cooking a gourmet meal.
I can be a little vulgar, but I’m very intelligent.
I will pull up & post up, but sometimes I pull up with a thoughtful gift.
Jay Z & Rihanna are my celebrity spirit animals, together they make me.