If You’re Reading This It’s Already Too Late

This is one NASTY mixtape. Disgusting. I get a Jay Z vibe from this…. As it pertains to the “beef attack plan” Let you run your mouth behind closed doors and in public with no backlash. Probably talking trash like “wtf is a 6 God.” Then. It happened. He kicked open the doors like Tony Montana, busting.

Besides the fact that I love when Drake get on his high horse. He talks the best shit because his shit is real.

But I am so excited for the clap back music!! There are two artists I expect to be real artists and clap back musically. Go hard. Ehhh anyone else will just run to the media…. Well we know Tyga already did that.

Anyway here are my top 5 quotes from this album, today.

“I got people talking down man, like I give a fuck
I bought this one a purse
I bought this one a truck
I bought this one a house
I bought this one a mall
I keep buying shit just make sure you keep track of it all.”

“I know you heard things.
No one really likes us, except for us.
All I ever needed was the squad, so that’s what’s up.”
-6 God

“No hoe shit. No fucking hoe shit. Save that fo yo shit.”
-6 Man

“I really hate wasting your time to check a clone or two, mama.
It’s just they’re cloning me mama
These nigga wanna be’s mama
It’s like..
I’m the one they wanna be mama
I just, I can’t be out being vulnerable mama
I mean I kill em every time they do a song with me mama
I sing the hooks, they sing along with me mama
What more they want from me mama?”
– You & the 6

“But fuck what they talking about your timeline. That’s cutting into my time withcha”

Buy dis.


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